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maintenance and repair work at the airport, and maritime port. and they wrapped up a march about 45 minutes ago. p workers marching from, marched from one end of the airport to the other. union organizer say this rally was sparked by two things. the fact that more than 220 maritime and airport workers have been without a contract for 16 months, and the east report uncovered by ktvu by questionable expenditures. some of those included a 4500 bill by a port official at a houston strip club, bills at massage parlors. in the hundreds of dollars, again, with public money. negotiations between workers and port authorities reached an impassion the pass june. the port wants workers to give back 15% of the salary and pay more for healthcare, but union workers say officials have lost
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credibility and authority to make those demands. >> they had lots of money that they were out spending $4500 at construction, and $5000, and clubs, and $500 haircuts. so they have money. they are trying to tell us they don't. snee in ? response, they say they are $1.3 billion in debt. spokesperson sent you the a statement, saying the employees union workers are the best compensated for their classification in the region. our young -- our union employees make 20% more. 0 the spokesperson said we are acting as thoroughly at possible to address allegations of improper port expenditures. coming up at 6:00 we will have more on what port workers said about the possibility of a strike at the maritime pork and oakland -- port and the oakland airport if the issues do not get
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resolved in time for the holiday season. more details on the investigation on possible inappropriate behavior by port officials. as ally mentioned, our investigation found that two port executives had spent $4500 in public money at a strip club in houston. those two executives are now owner administrative leave. and we recently showed you video of two oakland police officer making late night visits to a karaoke club that neighbors think might be a front for prostitution. the chief has promised an investigation and we are continuing to investigate this story and will keep you posted on what we learn. we have an update on a story we first brought you at noon about a body found at a treatment -- fremont waterway. this afternoon, alameda county sheriff's officials said they believe the victim took his own life. the man's body was spotted near the bridge to the quarry lakes's recreation area. crews brought in a represents cue boat.
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a man was struck and killed by a muni light rail vehicle in stab -- san francisco. service was suspended for about three hours between the montgomery and embark dare station. the security questions being raised today since this is not the first time a pedestrian or car has gotten on to the underground tracks. memorials will be held later for two plane crash victims in contra costa county. the plane went down on october 23. two experienced pilots on board were killed. a private service is scheduled for 56-year-old larry stroll, november 9, another memorial will be held later in the month for david beenni who owned the plane t will take place at the funny farm air strip in brentwood. a south bay principal on trial for failing to report he possible sexual abuse by a
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teacher will spend the weekend wait forge r a verdict. the jury just wrapped up the first full day of deliberations? it turn out to be a her which up and wait. there will be no verdict. the case was turned over to the jury this morning, but now, jurors are getting ready to meet with the judge, apparently still wrestling with the issues. all of the activity in the trial here at the santa clara county courthouse went on behinded closed doors in the jam. lyn vijayendran has been charged with violating a california law when aspirin at whaley elementary school, she allegedly failed to report possible child abuse by a teacher. according to a police report, and notes, the teacher acknowledged conducting so-call helen keller he lessons by blind moling a student, and touching her and putting objects in her mouth. she she was fooled by -- said
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she was fooled by his explanation, and did eventually report had to officials. >> it really doesn't matter, because the principal is absolutely, personally, trained to be accountable and report this. not depend on anyone else's opinion. >> reporter: it was pointed out in the trial are she did not report to district officials until after complaints is your. chandler awaits trial for molesting five children, and yesterday, an attorney filed a civil lawsuit on behalf of a child and her family against the district, vijayendran, and other officials. >> despite all the red flags that happened with the locked door and the kid's loan and the helen keller, he was allowed unfeathered access to the children. snoop we understand the judge is still meeting with the jurors. if there is no change in the proceedings, the jury will resume deliberations on monday. if convicted, the principal would face up to six months in
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jail. update on developing news we just told you about. the situation has changed here at we are give you an live look from news chopper 2 at interstate 680 near stone ridge drive off ramp. you see all the lanes are open. three lanes of traffic going by, but boy, there is still a mess that is pushed to the center of the freeway as crews work to up right that rig. we are getting a good look at the backup, even though lanes are open. keep in mind, interstate 685 was heavily impacted all day long, and is just now starting to ease up. again, all lanes of traffic are open, but this is the walkup that has -- backup that has to make this through. unsettling rumors cause tension in a high school in the east bay. families received automatic phone calls indicating that security was being stepped up at
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freedom high school in oakland. spokesperson for the sheriff's department says rumors were circulating on social media about possible fights. extra officers were on campus this morning, but searches turned up nothing suspicious. death toll from the superstorm has climbed above 100 in the united states and canada. authorities have confirmed 97 dead in the u.s., and another five in canada. and that's in addition to 69 people killed in the caribbean before hurricane sandy moved north. drivers in parts of new york and new jersey waited in long lines again today for gas. in someplacing, you see, lines stretch for three to four miles. some stations ran out of gas, while dozening of drivers were waiting. authorities say more than half of all gasoline stations in the new york and new jersey area are shut down, due to power outages or storm damage. sunday's new york city mayor none was canceled today. new york city mayor michael
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bloomberg made the announcement just hours after he promised the race would go on despite the damage. estimated 40,000 runners from around the world had been expected to take part in that marathon. the race had been scheduled to start in staten island, which is one of the hardest hit areas from this week's storm. and in 7 minutes, staten island residents say they have been left behind in relief efforts, and we asked california senator barbara boxer about what's being done, and if help is getting to those that need it. four days before the election, new unemployment numbers are out, and economists say they show the economy is growing slowly, but consistently. according to the labor department, employers $171,000 jobs in october, but the unemployment rate rose from 7.9, to 7.9%, previously, it was 7.8 in september. more people started looking for work. labor secretary says the numbers show a rebound in consumer
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confidence. today's jobs report was the last major snapshot of the economy before the election next tuesday. as expected, president obama and governor romney see the report differently. romney calls it stagnation. >> today, we learn that it's actually 7.9%, and that's 9 million jobs short of what he promised. unemployment is higher today than when barack obama took office. >> the republican presidential nominee also says voters will decide next tuesday between what he calls stagnation, and prosperity. president obama is campaigning in in ohio. he says the jokes report shows a pattern -- jobs report shows a pattern of progress. >> our businesses have created nearly 5.5 million new jobs, and the companies hired more workers in october than any time in the last 8 month. >> the president said despite another month of job growth, there is still more work to do. and only on 2 tonight, a last
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look at california voters sentiment towards the presidential race. what is motivating them to vote for or against the candidate, and how the vice presidential picks are impacting votes. we talk a lot about crime in oakland, but oakland is the scene of a huge party on the first friday of every month. it's a party that is drawing thousands of people from all over. we are in the uptown area, and tells us this party just keeps getting bigger every month. >> reporter: that's right. first friday begins in an hour, but the street near 19th and telegraph is shut down. vendors, business owners and galleries are expected a huge crowd tonight. she shows off her gallery which recently celebrated a year in its new location. she says first friday had has afforded her the opportunity to make her business a combination of art, and economic development for the city. >> we took over a vacant
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storefront space and turned it into a gallery. >> reporter: it draws nearly 20,000 people to an area where crime usually captures the headlines. >> in any urban city, you'll have urban problems. but it's absolutely changing. >> reporter: and the gallery is one business that contributing, we spoke to the city of kland marketing director by phone. she stressed how the city just recently stepped in after art members organizer indicated the crowd was large enough to etch validate street closing along telegraph. the movement began six years ago with just galleries. it now has the first friday event, street vendors, music, and entertainers. the city doesn't need to promote first friday, because it has evolved organically. gallery and business owners can sometimes differ with city leaders, but today, they finds themself often the same -- on the same page. >> i think it's helped to transform the idea about what's
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happen increasing oakland, what's positive about oakland, what makes oakland vibrant, and it's definitely art. >> reporter: we're told they use two times the why officers to control clubs. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. frustration and emotions spills over, why some victims of soup storm sandy say help isn't coming fast enough. >> i'm back here. in just a few minutes, we have a weekend to talk about, and look at the cal game. maybe you're going there under the lights tonight. see you here in about ten minutes.
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what happened here is a big rig crashed this afternoon about noon, and they have been cleaning it up sings, but the good news, is that all lanes are now open in both directions. the southbound lanes are on the lower part of the screen. actually, let's see, southbound, if we can zoom out. no, my mistake. southbound lanes are on the upper part of the screen. traffic is backed up in both directions but again, it is alleviating a little bit now that the lanes have reopened. we'll keep you informed. coast guard teams are on the east coast helping in the recovery efforts in the wake of superstorm sandy. specialists from alameda and novato will help remove oil and chemical spills in the area. law enforcement specialists will assist with port security and safety patrols. on the east coast, millions are without power and shelter. many residents say they are frustrated with what they
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consider a delayed response in the relief supplies. mike joins us with why one california senator says there is no debate that help has arrived. >> reporter: while fema is assessing the damage, people are still without food, the search for bodies under way, and when we talked to 0 senator boxer, she defended the help. the northeast, tonight, the temperature is dropping and people without electricity are slivering. >> 42 years in my home, and i lost it. >> reporter: death toll from sandy is now more than 90, nearly half from the hard hid area of staten island. residents have been screaming for federal assistance. >> please, president obama, please listen to us down here, we are going to die. >> reporter: homeland security secretary janet napolitano toured the destruction this afternoon. >> we want to make sure the
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right resources are brought here, as quickly as possible. >> reporter: the national guard can now be seen mobilizing supplies, meantime, today in san francisco -- >> romney's record at governor in dealing with disasters has raised doubts. >> reporter: senator boxer pushed for votes, criticizing governor romney. we asked the senator why a delay in relief supplies from fema to staten island. >> all i can say is they are getting the help they need. >> reporter: napolitano says search and rescue operations took priority, and now dozens of fema teens are helping those on staten island and beyond. >> almost $15 million is already on the street. this is assistance directly to individuals. >> reporter: 1.5 million customers are still without power in new jersey, 1.3 million in new york. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. coverage of the deadly storm continues, coming up at 5:45, east coast is not out of the
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woods. the new threat brewing that could send a strong winter storm directly at areas already battered by sandy. >> the one place where news of sandy's arrival it -- >> chevron says it's richmond refinery cock fully back online -- could be fully back online. a fire last august badly damaged the processing unit that is said to be at the heart of operations. during a conference california with analyst, check philosophy says crucial -- executives said crews have been working diligently. or consumer editor has been combing through inspections. sunday night, we will show you hoe corrosion from the crude oil used there may have played a role in the number of refinery accidents and why chevron would not directly comment on them. chevron today reported the 33% decline in its net income
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for the third quarter. officials pointed to a decline in production and a drop in prices for oil and gas. net income was $5.25 billion, or 2, or $2.69 a share. that compares with $7.83 billion for the third quarter last year. they lost more than $3 today. rise in unemployment and the increasing estimate of costs from superstorm sandy drove stocks lower. dow lost 139 points, nasdaq was off by 37, s & p 500 finished 13 points lower on the day. it is time to fall back soon, daylight saves time take fix on 2:00 a.m. on sun arizona. turn your clocks back by one hour. lucky for us, that means we get an extra hour of sleep. let's turn now to our chief meteorologist bill martin for what weather we'll be waking up to. we're looking for nice weather tomorrow, and sunday, temperatures reign on the
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increase. daytime highs to be warmer. cloudy now, look at the live picture. clouds moved in quick. fog this morning, look for dense fog tomorrow morning, but not as much as this morning. look at the cloud cover. in most of the day was sunny, and then this thing rolls n shower activity to the north. will that impact us? no, we might see drizzle tonight, but things are switching around just a little bit as we go into the next 48 hours. it's going to be a really, really, really, really, really nice weekend. sunday's the warmest. highs outside right now, the current temperatures, in the 60s. highs today were up there. we got some upper 60s, low 70s. highs tomorrow, 70s. highs on sunday? mid-70s, maybe upper 70s, maybe warmer than that. the winds will clock a little bit offshore. football game tonight over at the stadium, that's the first cal game on friday night? >> first ever friday night -- they are doing this game on friday, washington and cal.
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temperature about 60, mostly cloudy and mild. if you're going, you're probably there. cloud cover will be out there. light drizzle up on the north bay. and it's just kinds of lingered. we will see drizzle maybe tonight along the coast, but that's about it. as we go into the forecast mode tomorrow morning, it's going to be cool, and a little patchy fog. not as much as this morning. 48 in vallejo, saturday morning, sunny in the afternoon, clouds clear out, tomorrow will be a great day, and it's going to be warmer. five day forecast will be back. i'll let you look at the sunday. you may be wondering why i'm holded this mini bat. in the city tomorrow, something unusual is taking place. louisville slugger it hosting a scavenger hunt for these bats. of this the giants logo, and
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they say world series chapel -- champions. it starts at at and it the mark. -- at&t park. at 9:00 this evening, tune in for the special giants world champions sweeping succession. our sports director with side dah blue relive the highlights of the best moments from the giants incredible run in the post season. apple faithful got their hands on the new ipad mini. >> new chapter for penn state, trying to recover from a national scandal.
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police have investigating what they -- are investigating what they call a hate crime. somebody vandalizes a home, and red swastikas were painted on the areas. public works officials have cleaned up the graffiti. so far, no arrests have been made. it washington today, the new president of pen state university said the school is saddened by the latest chapter in the child abuse scandal there. >> it was a difficult day i'm sure, emotional day for everyone who is part of the penn state community. >> rodney ericcson briefly alluded to new charges against
5:26 pm
his predecessor. this week, prosecutors charged former university president graham spanier, with conspiracy and endangering the welfare of children. he allegedly helped cover up child abuse against young boys by will jerry sandusky. but today, ericcson refused to discuss the legal case. >> we have to trust the courts now to adjudicate these matters, and allow the legal process to run its course. >> ericcson said he recently spoke with the former president. jerry sandusky has been sent to prison for at least 70 years. they say the client in he is innocent, and plans to appeal his conviction. authorities have called off the search for a southern california man missing in the sierra nevada mountains. larry counsel disappeared during a trip to continues's canyon
5:27 pm
october 19. searchers have covered 48 square miles looking for him and say they will start up again if there's any new information as to his whereabouts. these gates are -- how muni is reacting. >> also, why the mayor of san francisco was playing ping pong today. the larger purpose behind this friendly match. nancy.
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they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight. with over 200 varieties, keurig makes brewing a delicious cup of coffee simple. how does it brew such great coffee? well... inside the brewer are these green fields of coffee,
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and if you travel up this mountain, there's this huge coffee grinder. and then the coffee lands in this cup and water rushes through. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. three major mass transit disruptions in the city in just three weeks. all involve people, going where they shouldn't go. most recent incident was just this morning, when a man was killed walking in a muni tunnel
5:30 pm
in the financial district. the commute mess it causes, and how this keeps happening. >> reporter: all muni subway service was shut down at about 7:30 this morning after a man was hit and killed by a train near the montgomery street station. >> it was madness. there were people everywhere, scrambling everywhere, and i was late for like an hour late for work. >> reporter: officials say the man had walked off a platform and into the tunnel. >> so what we did, is work with the police department, to clear the scene as soon as possible. >> reporter: this was the third significant train incident in san francisco in the last three weeks. last saturday night, and in committed suit sigh by jumping in -- suicide by jumping in front of a bart train, a man was arrested walking on to the tracks. >> we were alerted by the camera system, police arrested him, took him into custody, nobody was hurt, but it caused a service disruption. >> reporter: parts -- bart and
5:31 pm
muni save this situation from time to time. >> the areas are fully marked, and there's a barricade keeping people out of the accuses area. >> reporter: while officials say safety is paramount, they apartment the barriers keep people -- add the barriers keep people off the tracks. >> to create some more barriers and to make things more secure, really takes the -- it's difficult in an open public transportation system to have it completely locked down. >> official say they plan to install security cameras to watch for people walking on the tracks in the sub way sometime next year. in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. authorities in -- are the shooting that happened near the bay fair bart station. there interest reports the shooting happened outside the station, but that it started with an argument in a bart train. no injuries were reported. no word on arrests or suspects and bart says all trains are running on time.
5:32 pm
it won't be -- the game will be at the -- televised tonight. they met an extension deadline to sell out the coliseum to avoid a blackout. this was the second straight home game for which they were granted an extension. raiders now have a streak of 12 consecutive home games on television. the android is stepping the lead over the iphone, research firm ids says the software ran on 75% of smartphone shipped out. the ios ran on 15%. they say the gain is due to other phones losing popularity. the ipad mini and the new version of the regular ipad finally hit the stores today, but this time, the overnight wait, long lines weren't there. at least in some stores mirror in the bay area. our -- stores here in the bay area.
5:33 pm
near the debut of the new ipad and all new ipad mini. here at san francisco store on chestnut street at 8:00 a.m., it was more subdued with the line smaller than the number of apple staff to serve those waiting. that was also true at the palo alto store. >> i thought it would be longer. i thought it was going to be around the corner. they said when the 3 came out, it was wrapped around the corner. >> reporter: unlike the one size fits all, customers must choose between the large or smaller ipad. >> i think the like the mini because i can carry it around. and what i want to do is carry it around with me all the time. >> i know i want one and i have to have one. i came out this morning, and i'm pleased. >> reporter: one of the reasons the lines might be shorter is the wifi only models really only thing available. the cellular models won't be out in a few weeks. some experts say the minis
5:34 pm
minimum price of $329 may be too high for some buyers. others say many potential buyers have bought earlier minis like the kindle fire. but the stock that hit the all time high of just over $700 a share in september closed just below $577 today, $125 less. had. north beret based restoration heart weigh is pricing its -- hard ware pricing -- shares jumped 30% in its stock market debut, to close at $31.10. analysts say the news is a welcomed re-boot for the company, which was taken bright in 2008. san francisco mayor ed lee set aside time for fun or market street. -- on market street. the mayor joined dpw and mta
5:35 pm
officials on market and powell for a game of ping pong. all part of the better market street project meant to promote the area as more than a shopping spot. >> it's great shopping, and places for people to feel safe and have fun for creative things like ping pong. >> the better market street project stretched from octavia to the embarcadero. according to the final pre-election exclusive, ktvu field poll, voters say -- 54% to 39%. as roughly the same lead president obama held over mitt romney since 2011. 79% of obama voters say the preference is more of voter support than a vote against romney. 54% of romney supporters say their vote is more a vote against the president.
5:36 pm
another poll shows california voters have a generally positive impression of vice president joe biden. he is favored by 52% of voters, 37% say they have a favorable opinion of paul ryan. ktvu is bringing you live coverage next tuesday. coverage begins apartment 4:00 p.m., and -- at 4:00 p.m., and we will bring you live results on air or on our website. demanding answers, coming up, the bay area politician asking the makers of this energy drink to defend the ingredients. >> and ktvu editor is uncoming. the health risks this generation -- uncovering the health risks that ken jays facials -- generation faces.
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new research suggests that it might be possible one day to restore male fertility after chemotherapy treatments. researchers at the university of pittsburgh school of medicine froze sperm producing stem cells from monkeys and gave them chemotherapy drugs. a few months later, the stem cells were i am into the monkey's test -- implanted into the monkey's test tees. the san francisco city attorney is raising concerns
5:40 pm
over the caffeine level in one energy drink. he sent a letter to the monster beverage company questioning the safety. the fda has received reports of five deathing related to their beverages. he says there is increasing evidence that the high caffeine levels are dangerous. we contacted the monster company but have received no response. palo alto police have arrested two men on bike theft charges. lags thursday, officered stopped the two men. police say both were riding stolen bike -- bicycle, they were carrying drugs, drug paraphernalia and burglary tools. at one home, they found a fired stolen bike. both men were booked into the santa clara county jail. on monday, palo alto officials will consider a number of alternatives to a growing
5:41 pm
parking problem in their city. transportation staff will present the city council with the report on strategies to ease the parking crunch in some neighborhoods. they include finding funds for a new downtown parking garage. and new signs that help guide drivers to parking lots and garages. the city of wall net creek is giving drivers a heads up. they will start demolition on what used to be called the peace building. traffic will be rerouted afternoon that structure. sections of both main street and newell will be it affected. we have your bay area weekend in view, and i think you'll like t i'll show you which cities will be the warmest, and when.
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this is hayden. that's elizabeth. and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight.
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looking at something that is painful, debilitating and seems to be hitting young adults. it sidelining a star player on the san francisco giants. down fowler tells us why you should pay attention to shingles. >> reporter: this nursing student told us it started as a painful red patch on hire ribs. >> when i got shingles, i was on bed rest for two weeks. >> reporter: pain spread to several spot, she blames first job stress. >> i was unaware that i was stressed. i thought i was just busy, so it was a big surprise. >> reporter: 25-year-old giant
5:45 pm
catcher got shingles this season, left arm pain kept him out a game. the bay area's tony la russa got it so bad, it caused him to retire. >> the pain can go on usually for a couple or three weeks, and on occasion, can be permanent. >> reporter: kaiser infectious disease doctor says it was once thought a problem for the elderly. 95 percent of us have chickenpox virus. around kids with chickenpox, adults get immune boosts and rarely get it. >> it makes you think that exposure would protect us, but doctors say this vaccine will cut your chance of getting it in
5:46 pm
half. >> you -- >> just a bigger dose of chicks pox virus, the vaccine is fda approved for age 50 and older. leaving adults younger than 50 at increased risk for shingles. >> it can be very painful. >> i hear it keeps people from doing quite a bit, so i hope i can avoid it. >> reporter: the doctors say one way, reduce stress. >> the herpes virus, whether a cold sore, or shingles, do all appear to have some relationship to stress. >> reporter: paula says she's controlling her stress. one bout of shingles was enough. >> and to learn more about shining dwells, go to our website -- shingles, to our website. we have a link to the cdc for everything you need to know about shingles. league i'ding marijuana in the u.s. would be bad for business for mexican drug cartels, mexican think tank says producing and visibilities marijuana in the u.s. would provide a less expensive and
5:47 pm
better quality drug for millions of americans who spoke t the study calculates that legal u.s. marijuana production would cut mexican cartel profits up to 30%. the study comes as the states of washington, oregon and colorado are about to vote on legalizing marijuana. new threat may be bearing down on the east coast in the wake of superstorm sandy. the floodwaters have peril receded in -- barely recedeed, but a new storm is expected to hit next thursday, bringing heavy rain, high winds, beach erosion, even some snow to new england and new york. the good news is this storm is not expected to be anywhere near as destructive at sandy. san francisco based twitter says the storm produced more tweets than any event in the company's history. users sent more than 20 million tweets, about the storm between october 27th and november 1st. that is far more than the number set out of in the super bowl
5:48 pm
last february. our coverage continues at ktv. .com of the we have more -- just control to the hot temperature i can section to help. -- topics section to help. mosquito fogging is scheduled for monday. the crews say the fogging will begin at dawn and should last about an hour. let's talk about our weather. the weekend is here, and bill, sounds like it's going to be a good one. >> we had some inclement weather on halloween, but the weekend will be what you want. barbecue weather night, although the need the jackets. your going to see plenty of sunshine, not now though. the clouds are pushing in.
5:49 pm
sprinkles north around eureka. we're on the south end. >> so, in the north bay, and in the east bay, be prepared for that. reason i bring it up, if you are edriving home, you drop in the low-lying areas, almost in the fog, it's very, very dangerous. whether the temperature cools, to the dew point temperature, here goes the temperature dropping to about 11:00, boom,
5:50 pm
fog forms, and it will form just like that. very quickly. so that's the forecast and patchy valley fog. i think well see some on sunday morning, but the main forecast, how nice and warm it's going to be on sunday. the warmest day. the fog and clouds pushing through the area tomorrow morning, and a few high clouds and that offshore wind kicks in on sunday. that's what you'll notice. forecast highs tomorrow, lots of mid-and upper 70s, 74 in livermore, 74 in pleasanton, 75 in gill ray, and just, a heck of a nice day. it's been an interesting week around the bay. with the giants, ending it off with the beautiful weekend. i think everybody is going to enjoy it. >> sounds good. hundai and kia could face sanctions from the u.s. over mileage inflation. an audit of test results by the epa showed gas mileage wasover
5:51 pm
tated on 900,000 vehicles sold in the past three years. automakers have been ordered to replace fuel economy stickers on the affected card. hundai and kia called it unintentional areas. one neighborhood is banding together to catch criminals. the surveillance video they are handing over, and the items the people kept swiping out of neighbors' mailboxes. driver in america. that guy, put him in it. what's this? [ male announcer ] tell him he's about to find out. you're about to find out. [ male announcer ] test it. highlight the european chassis, 6 speed manual, dual exhaust, wide stance, clean lines, have him floor it, spin it, punch it, drift it, put it through its paces, is he happy? oh ya, he's happy! [ male announcer ] and that's how you test your car for fun. easy.
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police are looking for a 19-year-old last seen almost two weeks ago. investigators say the man was reported missing on october 1, he was last seen near fulsom and pompano avenues in hayward, and has not contacted his family or girlfriend since. officers say he has no history of going missing. anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call hayward police. bay area mail thieves have been caught on tape, and now the u.s. postal service is offering a reward to catch them. >> they may not have come into our house, but they have attacked a portion of our house. and we feel violated. >> in the say, a man and woman have been seen driving up checking mailboxes and taking mail from homes in fairfield. neighbors in the laurel creek area are assisting is police by providing home surveillance videos of the mail thieves at work.
5:55 pm
authorities are advising people not to leave out going mail in their mailboxes. >> they are looking for quick cash, cash and birthday cards, gift cards, starbucks cards. all those things that you and i would normally send out. >> we did speak with the postal service today, and it says anyone with information on the suspects are asked to call police and u.s. postal inspection service. the service says mail theft is punishable by up to five years in prison and fine of up to $25,000. california's proposition 2 repealed the death penalty is getting nationwide attention. proposition 34 would end executions in california, and change the sentencing of death row inmates to life without the possibility of parole. groups across the country say if it passes, other states will follow suit. >> we're going to see the evolution of the death penalty in the next 20 years, that polite be, we may well look back and see that as the turning point.
5:56 pm
>> i think the next thing you'll see is them trying to do away with life without parole. there. >> right now, 33 states have the death penalty. california is the only state taking up the issue next week. exclusive ktvu field poll showed for the first time, there are more prop 34 supporters than opponents. the poll shows 45% of likely voters will vote yes on the measure, 3% say they will vote no, 17% are still undecided. the fallout from the decision to reinstate san francisco sheriff mirkarimi since. see who is in the auditors the supervisor. a san francisco shoe shine operator is getting a helping hands after his stand was destroyed by world skier risk part year. -- world series partiers.
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
her name became well known because of a video she took. now ivory madison is featured in a political ad taking aim at a mirkarimi supporter. >> police make an arrest on the assault of a muni station
5:59 pm
officer. >> this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. >> good evening. there is more fallout following the controversial decision to reinstate san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. we were first to show awe new ad featuring one of the major players in that case. the supervisor supported mirkarimi and is the target of that new ad. >> reporter: the campaign spot went up on youtube. the person speaking is ivory madison whose own video will blue the case wide open. >> i'm. >> reporter: that ivory madison. the one who befriended lopez, mirkarimi's wife, and showed a bruise that helped convict him of domestic violence. enough this

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